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Tenstud TeamWe are a creative technology studio in Bintaro, founded in 2021. As a dedicated small team, we provide personalized service and agile solutions. We pride ourselves on serving leading brands through creativity and emerging technologies.



Tenstud service: Augmented reality for product showcase and tutorial
Product Showcase

Boost product engagement w/ immersive showcases & tutorials

Tenstud service: Augmented reality for interactive product packaging
Interactive Packaging

Packaging comes alive with AR, offering immersive product narratives

Tenstud service: Augmented reality face filters
Face Filters

AR filters transform faces for fun, brand-centric marketing campaigns

Tenstud service: Augmented reality jewelry make-up fashion virtual try-on
Virtual Try-On

Experience jewelry, make-up, fashion virtually before purchase at webstore

Tenstud service: Augmented reality game gamification

Engage customers through AR games, blending fun with brand discovery

Tenstud service: Interactive art installation
Interactive Installation

Experiential installations merge physical and digital, enhancing engagement

Tenstud service: Artificial intelligence voice cloning and generative in Bahasa Indonesia
AI Voice Cloning

Replicate human voices in Bahasa for personalized brand content

Tenstud service: Artificial intelligence chatbot and generative in Bahasa Indonesia
AI Chatbot

Automate customer service with conversational AI 24/7

Tenstud service: Artificial intelligence metahuman digital virtual avatar
AI Metahuman

Virtual brand ambassadors embody your brand with AI-driven realism

Tenstud service: Augmented reality for education
AR For Education

Enhance learning with interactive and dynamic AR educational content

Tenstud service: Artificial intelligence computer vision offline visitor analytics
AI Visitor Analytics

Analyze offline visitor / customer data with AI for actionable insights

Tenstud service: Augmented reality for digital advertising
AR Digital Ads

AR ads target relevant audiences with immersive and interactive experiences

How We Work

πŸ“    Concept & Design

From campaign planning to design idea and concept, developed from your marketing plan, activity, and strategy.

πŸ’»    Content Production

Assets like 2D images, 3D models, motion, animation, audio, copy, and everything in between.

πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ’»    Code & Development

Got your concept and content already? We'd love to focus on the code development to bring the highest quality.

πŸ“²    Submission & Installation

Submission to social media platforms, website deployment, application deployment, or offline pyshical installation.

πŸ™ŒπŸ»    Campaign Management

Need help to plan and execute your online campaign as well? Worry not! We're here to serve your end-to-end needs.

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